Our Process

Steps that help you to replace the roof.
  • Contact us and let us know if you need a roofing contractor.
  • We will schedule a free apointment to fit your timing, then one of our specialist will meet with you.
  • The specialist will provide suggestions, brochures, and video tapes about roofing to you in order for you to have a deeper understanding of your roof.
  • Then if we both agree,we will sign a contract and pay a small deposit. A work permit is then obtained.
  • Then You can choose your warranty plan.
  • While we are working, we will cover the house with tarps and protect the house as much as possible. When the job is completed, we will make sure we collect all the nails and trash, using blowers, magnets and rakes.
  • At this point, final payment is due. If you have chosen a warranty plan, you will receive a warranty certificate.

Why choose Roof-It™

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