Golden Pledge Limited Warranty

GAF Materials Corporation's Smart Choice® Golden Pledge ltd. Warranty gives you longer and better protection for your new Wearther Stopper® roofing system:

  • 100% coverage against material defects... on all major weather stopper components fro a full 12 years -plus prorated coverage thereafter!
  • 100% coverage aginst worksmanship errors... for a full 12 years (this is a feature that is virtually unique to the Golden Pledge Waranty)!
  • Factory inspection of your finished rood...helps prevent problems before they happen -- for your peace of mind!
  • Simply, your safest choice...backed by GAF materials Corp, North Americ's largest roofin manufacturer -- a billion dollar company!
Click here to download the detail information of GAF Golden Pledge® Ltd. Warranty

Comprehensive Two-Phase Coverege* For Your Weather Stopper® Roofing System Components
GAF Shingle Installed
Full Protection Period
Prorated Material and Labor Coverage Period
Royal Sovereign® Years 1-12 Years 11-25
Jumbo Royal Sovereign® Years 1-12 Years 11-25
Marquis Weathermax® Years 1-12 Years 11-30
Timberline® 30 Years 1-12 Years 11-30
Timberline® Select 40™ Years 1-12 Years 11-40
Timberline® Ultra Years 1-12 Years 13-Lifetime
Slateline® Years 1-12 Years 13-40
Grand Sequoia® Years 1-12 Years 13-Lifetime
Grand Canyon™ Years 1-12 Years 13-Lifetime
Country Mansion™ Years 1-12 Years 13-Lifetime
Country Estates™ Years 1-12 Years 13-Lifetime
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