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About Roof-It™

Roof-It™ is a roof contracting service company, headquartered in Kenilworth, NJ. The company has been servicing communities throughout northern and central New Jersey for over a decade under the direction of John Scuorzo. Roof-It™ specializes in the specification, design and installation of residential and commercial roofing systems. We are one of a select few; less than 3%, of all the contractors in the United States that recently earned the prestigious distinction of a GAFMC Master Elite™ Residential Roofing Contractor. It is our company’s years of combined experience, knowledge of the industry, and above all, our commitment to providing the customer with complete satisfaction that has set us apart from the competition.

Roof-It™ specializes in the specification, design and installation of roof systems. Roof-It™ will discuss numerous design ideas with each customer and the available roofing options. Roof-It™ detailed product information, planning, financing and budgeting tools, and above all, complete customer satisfaction.

  • Family owned and operated for over 14 years
  • Fully Licensed with GAFMC Certification # ME04274
  • Fully insured and carry $2,000,000.00 in liability coverage and bonded (even very few MasterElite roofers are bonded)
  • Serving the NJ area area since 1989
  • John Scuorzo 3rd is also N.J. Licensed Builder

Roof-It™ is a registered trademark of Roof-IT, LLC

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